Our Vision & Mission

We Connect the professional Implantologists around the Middle East and Africa to the HUB of THOMMEN users.

Our mission is to create a community of implantologists that fosters mutual support, education, and advocacy. We aim to provide a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources of the THOMMEN Implant system, that empower our members to make informed decisions about their practice.

Our club will strive to promote awareness of Thommen Implant benefits and encourage research that advances the field of implant dentistry. We envision a future where every implantologist in our club has access to the best possible Implant education, research data and support.

Thommen Medical dental implant system is designed to meet the unique needs of dental professionals, facilitating an easy set-up and procedure to save clinicians and their patients valuable time.

Our dedication, our engagement and our bond form the basis for your long-term success.


Together with leading experts, we strive to excel in product development, clinical research, and education activities.


Protection Solution

combination of innovative features working together to protect implant integrity by maintaining mechanical stability and a favorable bio-response for the life of the patient.