There are many suppliers of dental implants – but none like Thommen Medical.

Driven by science, not trends

With over 35 years of clinical experience, THOMMEN Medical work closely with leading international experts and institutions to develop innovative, STATE-OF-THE-ART products that incorporate the latest advancements in dental implant technology. Our focus on science-based product development enables convincing outcomes, backed by documented clinical studies.
We consistently rely on Swiss precision in manufacturing, rigorous quality control and collaboration with the best dental experts in the world. The result is a unique dental implant system that combines Swiss quality, simplicity and an innovative design.
Safety is the top priority for Thommen Medical as a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of medical devices for dental implantology. Therefore, we only offer products of the highest quality.

Thommen,s journey in brief

Development and launch transcortical implant

Development conical screw implant

Foundation of Ha-Ti Dental AG, cylindrical implant

Foundation of Thommen Medical AG

The Ha-Ti implant system is launched under the SPI brand