There are many suppliers of dental implants – but none like Thommen Medical.

The Thommen connection

Our unique Thommen connection offers a dual approach for unparalleled reliability. The unique stabilizing ring on the implant shoulder ensures optimal mechanical stability, while the ideal dimensions of the internal hexagon preserve the strength of the implant wall. The combination of both elements in our implant-abutment connection allows the use of a variety of prosthetic solutions in combination with this unique and precise connection geometry.

The Narrow Screw Channel

Due to the stability of our connection only a small screw is needed. A small screw does not require a large screw channel. This results in stronger abutment and implant walls with increased strength, more freedom of adaptation and a smaller occlusal opening for improved esthetics.

The Accomplished Implant System

The Thommen Medical Implant System meets the demanding requirements of the user in every respect – it is easy to handle, extremely precise and offers excellent esthetics, which allows for excellent clinical results. The Thommen Medical implant-abutment connection is the basis for durable and esthetically pleasing restorations.

Our Innovative Instruments

The VECTOdrill™ drill enables guided and safe drilling. The design of the tip ensures the drilling position and direction from the start. In addition, the automatic axial guidance ensures the production of a precisely shaped implant bed. The unique MONO torque ratchet is made of a single piece of titanium alloy, is easy to clean and does not require calibration. The universal adapter has a dental coupling.

Advantages for Your Clinical Practice

1. Stabilization in the axial direction

The precise axial positioning of the abutment on the implant shoulder reliably prevents the axial discrepancy that occurs with conical connections.

2. Stabilization in the lateral direction

The stabilizing ring provides optimal mechanical stability and reduces micromovements at bone and soft tissue level.

3. Smooth transition between Abutment and Implant Neck

The exact fit of abutment and implant allows for easy probing on the one hand and optimal cleanability on the other.

4. High Surface Pressure

The slightly chamfered contact surface of the abutments results in high surface pressure in the marginal area and the best possible seal against body fluids.

The Little One

Thanks to the combination with the small and high-strength abutment screw, the Thommen Medical Implant Connection offers many advantages

More material for Prosthetic Flexibility and Strength

The Thommen Medical implant connection creates more space for the superstructure, which therefore has more prosthetic freedom.

Optimal Design of occlusal Surfaces

Integrated Protection against excessive mechanical overload

The predetermined breaking point on the Thommen Medical abutment screw provides the best possible protection against implant fractures in the event of mechanical overload.

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Benefits at a Glance