Planning software and guided surgery

Highest precision in implantology thanks to predictable digital planning with a flexible approach

Fully Guided Surgery

Fully guided surgery with Thommen Medical Implants enables you to achieve the planned restoration efficiently, in just a few steps. Benefit from improved treatment comfort for patients and dental health practitioners while simplifying the treatment process for the practice team.

Simply Brilliant

The Guided Surgery drilling instruments combine the proven VECTOdrillTM geometry with an integrated guiding principle and physical depth control. One adapter for all implants with visual depth control offers the intraoperative scope for action.

The All-Rounder

Thanks to the smart design of the drilling protocol and the coordinated instruments, both implant lines, CONTACT and ELEMENT, can be provided with one system in one surgical cassette. Without a detour, the instruments are prepared with a single surgical cassette, stored sterile and made available for treatment. The Guided Surgery Kit can be completely tailored to the needs of the practitioner by means of individual equipment. All of this saves money and time during treatment and preparation.

Benefits at a Glance

Pilot drilling

Thommen Medical drill sleeve.

Guiding sleeve for VECTOdrillTM pilot drill

Instructions for use – Surgical Procedure PF 3.5-6.0 – THM61141

Planning software

Fully Guided, Pilot drilling, Implants.
The Thommen Implant System is currently available in the following planning software systems:
Thommen Medical recommends the early evaluation of a suitable drilling template manufacturer or manufacturing center.
Furthermore, Thommen Medical recommends the 3D printer of Formlabs (Form2, material DENTAL SG) and Stratasys (Objet Eden, material MED610).

Benefits at a Glance

Guided drill sequence for drill Ø 2.0, 2.8, 3.5 mm

Steco-System-Technik (Hamburg, Germany) with Thommen Medical AG offers the StecoGuide double sleeve as an alternative solution for the Fully Guided Surgery system for Thommen Implants.
The StecoGuide double sleeve system has been adapted to the design of the Thommen VECTOdrill™ and now enables sequential guided drilling of the most important drilling sequences. The system consists of an outer sleeve and two inner sleeves that can be perfectly integrated into the existing drill protocol. Depth control is carried out manually by means of the laser marking of the VECTOdrill™. The blue StecoGuide sleeves for Thommen Medical Implants are currently integrated into common planning systems (e.g. 3Shape Implant Studio, Swissmeda SMOP).

Benefits at a Glance